3 – 8 Players (Recommended: 5 Players)
1 Hour
??? Difficulty
Private Room
Price: $38/Person
Our newest experience is now available at our Anaheim location! This experience is the same as the one loved by our Irvine patrons with a few minor modifications.
Oh no! The regular chefs are all sick and this diner is having its 30th year anniversary. Can you work together to keep the restaurant afloat and rake in the cash? Or will it be too many cooks in the kitchen?
Please note that this is not your typical escape room game. Instead of escaping in a 1 hour time limit, you will be trying to serve as many dishes as possible and earn the most money you can before the hour is up.
Booking Information


Price Per Person: $38
All sales are final, tickets are non-refundable.


All reschedule requests must be made through email scheduling@squareroomescape.com at least 48 hours ahead of time. A $80 rescheduling fee will be applied if made less than 48 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment.


Please note that you will not be allowed into the rooms if you or any of your group members are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The cost of the tickets will not be refunded.
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